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Oh no! Poor Joe... body parts game

I just got an e-mail from a friend the other day that she was using a body part game I introduced to her which the kids ALWAYS love, so I figured I'd share it.

It's one of those great games that doesn't actually require much set up. I have used it with older students, but I'll walk through the little kiddie one and you can change it as you wish.

In all fairness I snagged the concept from a scene in the movie Dave

The students at this point have normally learned, "Hello," "My name is" "What's your name" and "How are you today" along with some emotions. The next unit is normally body parts we are.

First, I tell them I want them to meet a friend of mine. What do we do when we meet a friend?  Eventually some student says, "Say Hello" or "What's your name." As they are guessing, I draw my friend on the board (you can draw a whole body for other body parts, but my paint skills are lacking so I just did the face here):

My friend Joe
Teacher: "Do we know his name?"
Students: "Nooo"

Teacher: "How do we ask?"
Students"Hi, What's your name"

Teacher, "My name's Joe"
Students, "How are you today?"
Teacher. "I am not feeling well"

Teacher "Repeat after me: Oh No!"
Students "Oh No"

Teacher "Poor Joe"
Students "Poor Joe"

Teacher "He has no"
Students "He has no"

My friend missing something
***erase a  body part****
Teacher: "What is Joe missing?"
Students: "Ears!"
Teacher: "Great, so all together:

Students and Teacher: "Oh no, poor Joe he has no ears!"

***Draw the ears back on and repeat erasing a different body part***

When your students get the hang of the chant (which they LOVE) see if you can get them involved!

Have them come up in from of the class and "become" Joe. They will practice introductions again, (Hi, what's your name? My name is Joe. How are you? etc.) Then the student should turn AWAY from the rest of the class. The class starts, "Oh no! Poor Joe, he has no..." and then the student turns around, only this time the student is covering something (eyes, ears, mouth, elbows...I've had students tuck their hands into jackets or arms into shirts) the students quickly pick out what is missing and finish the chant.

This is a quickly made example of the beat with the words. Students really don't care how well drawn Joe is!

This game can be altered to use powerpoint, prezi, posterboards, hand made cards, etc. I've seen it done very nicely with large cards here. It can be used with clothes (Oh no poor Joe, he has no scarf!). Though if you use clothes, be sure to bring in extras so you don't have students taking off their pants in class. You can make handouts with the pre-written chant, "Oh no! Poor Joe, he has no _______" and have students fill in the blanks and draw a picture. Really it is just a great springboard or wrap-up.

You can download the directions for class and a quick worksheet for your students for $1 just check my store on TPT if you aren't already signed up you can do that here)

Anyways, this game has helped me with lots of classes (and relentless random children at banks) so hopefully someone else can use it too.

Do you have a go-to game that is little to no prep for if you get called in to sub a class? Or you need to fill up an extra ten minutes at the end? The other one I love is flyswatter, but I think most teachers use that.

BONUS: I just made a new version for Winter. check out, "Oh No, Poor Snow"

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