Thursday, May 31, 2012


Pinterest to get teaching ideas

That lovely bunch of smiley faces is my family. Four of the eight adults are or have been English Teachers. So usually when I hit a brick wall or need help on a topic I pull an E.T. and call home.

However, the internet has truely changed how I can react. There is help all over the place, though I still call my mother quite often. While most of my friends plan their upcoming weddings (real or imaginary) on pinterest I tend to find the some great teaching ideas and graphics on pinterest...and what an easy way to organize them!

For example I have a bunch of pictures/comics related to punctuation: some of them I have found and some of them I have raided of other people's pinterest boards.

So I can divide things up by category: Grammar, Basic things related to being an English Teacher

I also have board for each of the classes I teach so later I don't need to remember what that article I used last year was, or where I found that great comic that one time.

Topics I teach in my TOEFL class, or my Advanced I class.

Anytime someone likes or Re-Pins one of my suggestions I get told. That is helpful since most people who like things that I like are probably collecting things that I can also use in my classes!

Do you use pinterest? Should I be raiding your board? Please let me know if there's anything about Pinterest you that I am missing!

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