Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Growth Mindset Example

I've been so busy these last few weeks, but here's a quickie for you.

I was watching Independence Day the other day and thought, "This is a GREAT example of Growth Mindset."

1-7 seconds - Oops! A mistake was made
8-12 seconds- A good-hearted laugh is given! We all make mistakes, right?
13-15 seconds- This is actually the part I don't like. He blames someone else, and his partner is NOT supportive.
16-22 seconds- Change what you did before! Learn from mistakes.
23-33 seconds- Have FUN!

So there you are, for anyone presenting on Growth Mindset or trying to find a fast and easy example, I think this is a GREAT one.

Granted, I understand there is more to it than this, but it's a great start.

What's your favorite example?
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