Saturday, September 2, 2017

Helping students understand color in photos

 At my school I teach yearbook and journalism. I understand the different writing styles quite well, but I only have a very basic understanding of photography.

I had the opportunity to receive this book to add to my class room in exchange for honestly reviewing the book for others.

To really give you an honest review, it is helpful to know what types of audience you are.

Personally, even for just a coffee table book, I find these picture BEAUTIFUL. However, the book is intended to those whom have a DSLR camera and intend to plan and take great pictures in camera (rather than depending on Photoshop or another editing software).

As stated before, I am a beginner, but I found the different examples of photos easy enough and while I haven't tried everything personally the great thing about digital is I can try try again.

A couple yearbook students have already flipped through and one of them has already asked to take it home.

A great addition to any yearbook or journalism classroom and great for anyone else who just wants to have a better idea of taking better pictures with their camera.

You can purchase Understanding Color in Photography: Using Color, Composition, and Exposure to Create Vivid Photos from Amazon (affiliate link) or most of the big book stores.

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