Friday, May 18, 2012


2nd Evaluation

Well I improved! That's always a good thing :)

My boss actually came into my office yesterday to tell me that my evaluations this time had improved. I wouldn't be able to view the evaluations until the 18th, but he just wanted to let me know.

That took some pressure off me and I was not dreading reading my evaluations.

My 7am/3pm classes were a little mixed. They felt that since they needed a good TOEFL grade to pass they should have had more TOEFL practice. We did do TOEFL practice, buta lot of it was "hidden" in other activities. We also did lots of reading, but it wasn't multiple choice TOEFL style.

Anyways, we decided the students are right and we are changing the class to be more TOEFL based. Most the reviews were pretty generic:

"Fun class, i like to go..she makes interesting the class." 

"Sus clases son muy dinamicas, lo que convierte a la materia en una clase interesante y motivadora." 

"muy buena maestra, buenas clases,comprensible y buena para enseñar."

"Excellent! Teacher maybe i really don't love your explanations buy i love the way we practiced all, you put a lot of time to plained our class, i think you were my best english teacher ever! i've learned more english in this class than in all my life really! but all depends about my toefl score, that is the bad thing :c jajajaja but i really will miss you"

"I love this class. Just one thing i do not like; take the class in the afternoon is so annoying. But the class is ok." 
Those made me happy since I do try to make class interesting.

My 8:30 class had a lot of duplicates. A few chatty students, but overall I think they did well:

"Nice teacher just a little weird"

"Excelente teacher, me gustan sus clases, siento que pasan bien rápido, me divierto y aprendo."
"A very good teacher. The best teacher in the ITESM."

"Excelente profesora, aunque puede llegar a aplicar metodos poco ortodoxos alguna vez, es capaz de llegar a nosotros los jovenes para poder aprender de una manera mas esencial y no solo por 'machetear'."

and finally

"Hello Carissa, you´re a great teacher, although you scream often, it´s okay, because your class is better that way. You´re class is very fun, we always do different things and try to support us in every way. Thanks for the consult, we´ll meet again at you´re office ;)"

So I am improving...I suppose that's good ... though now I am a bit nervous about continuing to improve, I suppose I can just keep trying the hardest that I can. 

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