Friday, June 15, 2012


This is NOT a flippin' video

This commerical is always on TV in Mexico and I love it.

1. I love the song
2. It makes a good point about learning English
3. It is an AWESOME example of what NOT to use for a flipping video.

Why not?
1. It is too short
(there is no actual substance)
2. There is no explanation
(if a student didn't understand the repetition wouldn't assist them)
3. There are no visuals
(OK, I understand that it is a cassette, but just a friendly reminder to use visuals to stimulate your students!)
4. It isn't very dynamic
(Just explaining rules, or repeating a phrase is probably NOT the best route)

It just made me giggle and I was happy to see a relation with the new world of flipping classrooms I've just discovered.

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