Thursday, June 7, 2012


My online gradebook

Dear EnGrade.

I think I love you. I have always kept very detailed grades. I always send students updates of their grades about once every other week. I also send students notes about their missing work and how to turn it in for late credit. I check out where student's are struggling and e-mail them extra help.

I did it without you for many years, and I did it just fine. Though it was sometimes hard to convert my spreadsheet language into something easy for others to read. Now, I do it all with you and I am never not understood.

Now, I keep all my classes organized and can give access to students and their parents.

In addition to helping me keep track of grade you also do the work of blackboard! You can load the applicable worksheets, assignments, links, etc.

You can assign work as missing, or excused! Meaning there's no re-evaluating percentages or totals if a student missed a day due to a school activity and doesn't need to make it up (or I in my case since I allow students to be "excused" if they have family emergencies).

I won't say that you save me THAT much time, my excel sheets always worked very well for me, but these are easy for OTHER people to read. So when a counselor, parent or student doesn't understand someones grade I just print a summary and there is no debate!

And of course! The price is right (viva free).

I am so in love with you that I recommend you to all my friends, and I hope that you stay with me for a long long time.

Much love,


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