Monday, June 25, 2012


End of the TOEFL Course

Well, my Summer TOEFL Course has just about ended. It was... FAST Trying to cram the entire English language that the TOEFL tests on into one class was hard, teaching for a solid month was harder! I give the students their TOEFL exam in 6 hours. They all have the ability to pass...though I am not sure they will. Some of them get very nervous during the TOEFL; and forget to just breathe and guess. Overall I think the class went well, I used a lot of supplemental material. They listened to songs, watch clips, and did lots of lots of TOEFL worksheets. I can see where I would try to change the class in the future, but for now I feel that I did a pretty good job. How do you teach the TOEFL? Any tips?

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