Saturday, June 16, 2012


Organized Opposites Origami

I worked at a gym for... 5 years I think? I still spell exercise incorrectly. I always want to type excersize. Origami is another one of those words I ALWAYS spell wrong (oragami...or orgami...ALWAYS)

Regardless of my inability to spell, I LOVE using origami in the class. When students are first learning we as teachers encourage TPR(Total Physical Response). We want a motion to be connected with a word.

Origami can be the same. It is very hands on and dynamic. One of the simpler ones I know comes with a story (storygami or storigami hmmm), which is why I think it is perfect for the ESL classroom. There is a simple box that I make with my students. You can download the PowerPoint I send to other teachers who want to steal the lesson at my  Teachers Pay Teachers Store  If you haven't signed up for Teachers Pay Teachers yet click here to go straight to their sign up page (Remember it is free!).

This is not the most amazing PowerPoint I have ever made, and I do not normally show it to students. Rather I do this as a listening activity where students follow my step by step directions. They really enjoy the box and the actions keep the words stuck in their head.

I've used this with  pre-school through high school. The pre-school students need help creasing the folds, but they can do it!

This is another one of those great things you can use even if you aren't a teacher.  Is there a tired looking mother and two hyper children in front of you at the bank? Take some bank brochures and tell them you want to tall them a story. They'll settle for a bit and the mom (and customers) will love you.

I had no idea that entire books were dedicated to these types of stories. If you are interested you may want to check one of them out.


  1. Hi Carissa,

    This activity looks really great! But I cannot follow the instructions and certainly do not end up with a box when I try :( Is there any way you could include pictures of what the final product looks like? Do you use two separate pieces of paper? Is the paper flipped over / to the side at all?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hey! It is just one piece of paper and the pictures are includes as part of the ppt. If I just take pictures the folds aren't clear that's why the pngs are there. Have you tried following the story with the directions; it walks you through (so when it says Brother's long you are working with the paper vertically, brothers short is horizontally)

  2. Thanks for your reply! I have had limited success so far - the end result looks more like a boat than a box... I think the story is great and I would love to try it out in class. Here is what I ended up with: Is this right?

    Thank you again :)

    1. A boat is pretty good! I may change the story :P It looks great! I think you just need to crease more.

      When they you fold the triangles over (because they are kicking and hitting the door) in slide 12 remember not to fold all the way to the middle. That way when you have them start opening the door the extra paper folds over the triangles to keep them secure.

      I'll try to make a video or something for you, maybe that will be easier

    2. Does help you at all?


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