Saturday, June 16, 2012


No booties or boobies

Something I ALWAYS avoid when teaching.
I was just reading Ken Wilson's FANTASTIC post about ways to motivate your students and one of his points is that teachers should not loom over their students.

I went to a Catholic school preschool through 8th grade. Our skirts were expensive; by the time I hit 8th grade my skirts were a little short. I always wore bicycle shorts under them, but that didn't make the skirts any longer! I got very good at a cross legged bend the knees almost squat to drink from the drinking fountain like a lady.
My tops normally aren't this low, but the point is made

How is this relevant?

I use that same squat now when I work with students! I find that kneeling gets cumbersome moving from group to group, bending over can give that awkward booty in another student's face or as another teacher pointed out a view of your chest.

If you don't have already have a method I suggest you get one! It really does help the students feel more comfortable and less intimidated.

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