Monday, November 4, 2013


Knowledge in the classroom

I've lately been thinking a lot of the things I knew before I was a teacher and what I've learned since then. This blog coincides with the prompt for this month's Reach To Teach Blog Carnival: "what you've learned in the ESL classroom." (If you'd like to contribute to next month's Blog Carnival contact

·         What I knew before I started teaching
o   I knew…
§  enough essential English grammar to recognize things that are wrong and why
§  a few ways to settle a classroom
§  some classroom games
§  that I loved teaching
·         What you will learn the first few years of teaching
o   I know…
§  random details of English grammar (I’ve gotten really good at appositives and random TOEFL grammar)
§  patience. INCREDIBLE amounts of patience.
§  more classroom games and activities (and what games / activities are best suited to a class / lesson)
§  how to break down complicated concepts into simple ideas
§  to quickly identify words and phrases in a text that will be difficult for my students
§  to communicate very well without using words
§  to guess quite accurately what someone is saying (even if it is in a different language) very useful for traveling :D
§  to use random objects in class successfully
§  millions of ways to amuse myself during meetings (analyze the grammar, make your own listening activity, etc.)
§  the internet is an amazing tool with activities,ideas, worksheets, and inspiration everywhere you turn!
§  to not fear the silence after I ask a question. Students are thinking!
·         What I hope to learn the next few years or teaching
o   I’d like to
§  be more apt at helping students overcome their pronunciation issues.
§  become aware of more uses for my tablet in the classroom
§  become more familiar with the needs of different English assessment tests so I can better prepare my students
§  create more activities where my students are actively working with people from other countries.
§  develop more patience…I am sure I’ll need it.

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