Thursday, December 20, 2012


15+ different Vocabulary Methods (How to teach words)

A key to learning any new language is new vocabulary! There are so many ways to




  1. Hi! Greeting from Vancouver, WA. USA! I am really enjoying your blog and can tell you are an excellent teacher!
    I am a late bloomer teacher wanta be. I just got my B.S. in Non-Profit Management at age 60. I have always wanted to teach but don't want to go through more years of college at this point. However I always wanted to teach kids and figure the quickest way to do this is through a TESOL certification. Can you suggest some online schools? I live near Portland, Oregon and might be able to take the LLC or Oxford courses there at PSU. Also can you tell me where I might find the age limit for some countries? I would like to go to Indonesia, Bali in particular to teach. Thanks so much... AM at gracefulmiracles at yahoo

    1. I am afraid I don't know of any schools in Portland. I write a bit about the different types of certification here: as I haven't taken any online classes I am not sure I can suggest one. I will tell you to be sure you do your research!!! Thanks!

  2. Hi Carissa,

    You have some really creative ideas. I am an ESL teacher and presently I am volunteering to teach chinese seniors at the YMCA. Just wondering if you any tips on lesson plans that would get them talking. Keeping in mind these seniors don't know a word of English. I have taught the basic introductions, short conversions for life's daily routines such grocery shopping, banking,...etc.


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  4. Good place to learn, congrat.


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