Saturday, December 29, 2012


Less Traditional Hangman Stick Figures

Found the original source for the "9 ways of hangman" that has been floating around the web.

While I don't use any of these when I play with my student maybe you can add it to make hangman a bit more enjoyable. Remember to check out this post on Alternate Hangman if you are looking for other ways to spice up the classic hangman game for your class.


  1. Hahahaha, nice ideas!

    I'd love to use some of these in my classes, but unfortunately, the "violent imagery" of hangman means that I'm not allowed to use it. As an alternative, I draw a guy in a basket that's held up by a number of balloons, and each time a wrong letter is guessed, I erase a balloon. It's a tad less violent, the kids love it, and I get to draw something funny for him to fall in if they pop all his balloons!

    1. Super cute! I love how you've readjusted it to make it work for you! Here's an idea of how to make hangman a bit more ... physical

      Of course you could still play this with your balloon version :)


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