Thursday, November 7, 2013


Crayons on the whiteboard: color me happy!

My lovely artwork
I guess I've been living in a cave because I did not know that this product even existed, but lo and behold they may crayons you can use on the white board!

What fun right? I picked up a box today and I like it. The colors are bright. It is  crayon (not a marker pretending) and it erases well.

Now, I have read up a bit and some people say that it leaves a waxy residue behind later if you aren't careful, so if you decide to rock these babies be sure to have your students wash the board carefully. You don't want to make your normal markers moot.

Fancy cloth you can use to clean
 My box included:

  • A fancy shamncy wiping cloth (allegedly you aren't supposed to use a normal eraser). You can use this cloth to make sure none of the waxy residue stays on the whiteboard. If it doesn't manage to get off I've read that using water, or the whiteboard cleaning solution works well! 
  • A wonderful crayola box (with a sharpener in the back)
  • 8 awesome crayons which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Black and... Black. I guess they thought black was most used color? Or maybe I lost out and am missing a purple.
  • Me Oh so happy with my crayons
I've read that you can just use normal crayons on white boards and essentially I just paid extra money for normal crayons. Nonetheless, my students were excited when they stopped by my office today and they  make me happy, so that's money well spent!

What do you think? Have you used these before, or do you just use normal crayons and laugh at people like me who spend extra money on nothing?

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