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Considerations for Studying abroad in the USA

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I think studying abroad is a fantastic way to meet new people, practice languages and really get to know more of the world. I studied abroad three times when I was in University! Carman Navaro has written a great post about things to keep in mind when students are considering studying in the USA. 

Years ago, most students would never consider traveling abroad to go to school. Today, however, more and more students are taking the opportunity to learn to another country. When international students apply to schools in the United States, there are certain protocols and procedures they need to follow. Unfortunately, if students are unprepared for their international applications, it could cause a great deal of challenges.
In order to have the best possible application process, it’s important that you’re prepared for any and all challenges that may occur. The following are a few common challenges faced by international students when applying to US colleges and universities.

Processing college applications is never a quick feat, but it takes even longer when the applicant is from another country. Schools will need to provide you with certain documentation stating that you’ve been accepted, and you’ll need to provide them with proof of a student visa. If you truly want to attend an international school, it’s very important that you start applying as early as possible. This way, you’ll give the school enough time to review your application and get their needs in order, and you’ll also give yourself enough time to earn a student visa. When you start early, you will avoid any major time crunches that could prohibit you from starting school on time.

There are multiple applications to complete.
Your application is extremely important, and schools will give much thought to students who have not completed the application. Make sure that you go through the application multiple times to ensure that you have answered every question.
It’s also important that you apply for a student visa. When you do this, you also need to make sure that you complete every question thoroughly and honestly. Your applications will be seriously scrutinized, and it’s important that you are thorough and honest if you truly want to attend school in the states.
There are language barriers.
All applications will typically be provided to you in English, and if you don’t understand English, it will be very hard for you to understand and complete the application. Make sure that you hire a professional translator or have the application translated so that you can accurately complete the application and any other necessary paperwork.
When you submit your application, it’s also very likely that the administration’s office will require an English application. You will need to have your application translated so that the admissions department can read and verify your information. If you don’t submit an application in English, it could deter your chances of being accepted into the university.
There’s a lot of documentation that needs to be received and reviewed.
Since 9-11, the United States government has increased security on letting people into the county. When you apply to school, the US government is going to require a great deal of documentation from you as well as schedule an interview. Unfortunately, too many people have tried retrieving student visas as a way of sneaking into the country, and it’s important that you adhere to all rules and procedures set forth. Make sure that you have and submit any and all documentation requested from you, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, acceptance letters, financial history and anything else asked of you. You also need to make sure you attend your in-person interview and that you answer all questions honestly. If there are any glitches in your answers or anything that would cause a red flag, you will be denied a student visa.
Being prepared for the student visa process is extremely important. Always know what’s expected of you so that you avoid any hiccups in your education. If you know about the common challenges you will face, you’ll be able to overcome those challenges and start your education in the United States successfully.
This guest post was written by Carman Navaro. She is a bilingual student adviser. Carman utilizes her skills as a translator and transcriptionist to help international students complete and submit necessary documentation.

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