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Flashcards for Vocabulary Retention

I recently had a student come to me for some help with the SAT. I hadn't taken the SAT since high school, so I quickly Googled around to see what I could find. One of the helpful sites was ProProfs Sample SAT tests later I was creating a lesson plan for Thank You Ma'm and stumbled accross this quiz. Overall it is a great teaching resource and I am thrilled to have the founder and CEO contribute to my blog with this guest post on how flashcards help students study.

We all know that there are many different ways to get students to practice vocabulary in class, but how should they study at home? This blog will discuss the benefits of flashcards as a studying tool.
Individuals have different objectives when it comes to studying for a test or an exam. Methods might differ too; while some understand and remember all points, others cram. Whatever be the situation, making studying easier is the common objective of all. Enter flash cards!

However, when it comes to boosting your studying with flashcards in education, you will probably turn a deaf ear to it, citing it as hogwash. That is how it is; at every stage in education, the resourcefulness of flash cards has been underestimated till date. Flash cards are a great way to memorize, test oneself and remember the answers and points in both subjective as well as objective exams. Built on the pillars of rote and memorizing ability, flash cards can be used to teach anything and everything. Right from basic pre-school concepts to the highest echelons of the education ladder, flash cards can be extremely helpful owing to their simplicity and adaptability.

Different Roles of Flashcards:

Boosting your studying with flash cards in education can happen at any and every stage of it. Flash cards needn’t be only alphabetical or numerical, they can be pictorial too. Visual flash cards’ representations can be powerful and leave a long-lasting imprint on the mind. Pre-school kids can be taught about the number system, the alphabets, the parts of the human body and the things around us by simply using flashcards. It will improve their recognition ability beyond doubt. When you move up through middle school, whether it is simple mathematics formulae or calculus equations, chemistry procedures or physics calculations, flash cards are indispensable. All you need to do is spend time in assembling all formulae and writing them down, and then your flash-cards are the one-stop shop for all your revision. Words, spellings and vocabulary can be enhanced by simply buying a set of flash cards with English words. Points to a subjective answer and important dates can be jotted down, making history easy to remember. Language flashcards can contain translations which will help you in learning the subject. Later in life, when you are prepping for your entrance exams to get into a university, flash cards will not only quicken your learning pace but will also help you memorize better for answering questions quickly, as time is of essence after all.
As observed above, boosting your studying with flash cards in education at any point of life in your life is absolutely plausible.

Still, why use flash cards? You can carry them around everywhere, and look them up at your convenience. If you do not want to go through the trouble of making them, simply buy them; they are affordable. If you make them, the biggest advantage you have is that they are customized to your needs, and provide you with immense familiarity when you are studying. Flash cards are helpful in reinforcing and building all your skills and, above all, are fun. To those intelligent beings who consider the humble flash cards beneath them; step up and better your game by using them. Boosting your studying with flashcards in your education will probably be the best thing you might have done in your lives.
As for the professors, who can use them in teaching, your reason for using them is that they appeal to every child on every level; not all of them are at par. Children with learning disabilities will find them immensely helpful to further their education and it will give them a chance to succeed at par with their other mates.

The above said features are all incorporated in an electronic version of flashcards as well. In addition,  it can be shared with any friends that the student would like to and make flashcards creatively with a lot of imagination.
Boosting your studying with ProProfs flashcards in education is something that should have happened long ago indeed. The electronic version makes it possible to improve the scope of IT based education in the future.
Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of rel="nofollow" which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. Sameer has a background in technology with a Masters in Computer Science from USC (University Of Southern California) and is an ed-tech industry veteran. You can find Sameer on Google+.

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