Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My favorite websites as a teacher

A lot of these sites are awesome for any teacher, some are better for EFL (ESL, EFL, ELT, Language Arts, English etc), but most are great sites for any teacher to rock in their classes.
Tools for teachers/students to use for presentations:
 Sites for teachers to plan lessons/track grades:
Sites to get a class to work together:  

A site to do things with sentence structure/words:
  • A fun website to randomly generate sentences per the sentence structure you select
  • This is a site which spots new words in the English dictionary and keeps you updated.
  • A quick way to make a vocab quiz
  • You can make free word puzzles here
  • Define multiple words at one time here
  • Pick out vocab words from a text
  • Bad examples. Find real examples of grammar gone bad and have students fix it.
  • There are TONS of word of the day sites, but this is one of my favorites
  • More accurate than googletranslate for words or word chunks. The forum discussions are especially useful.
  • I use a lot of songs and clips in my classes so this is good for students who ask me things like, "Teacher, what does it mean to do something like a Boss?"
(Youtube video not necessarily appropriate for work, just keep in mind it is what your students are probably watching in their spare time and what they will be asking you questions about)


  1. Dear Ms. Peck,
    Hope you'll take a gander at my site,, a free comic strip generator which you can use with your students to teach English, writing and reading. It's fun and is used by ESL teachers throughout the world, and students can write in many other languages, in addition to English.
    Bill Zimmerman

    1. Seems great Bill, I look forward to checking it out :)


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