Monday, January 27, 2014


Common Application Mistakes to Avoid

I have an earlier blog post where I discuss EFL resumes specifically. I still think that this has solid advice, but this infographic goes in further detail about ten common mistakes people make. Avoid these and you're that much closer to getting the job.

There are some mistakes that applicants commit causing them to never get a call back from an employer.

The biggest mistake an applicant can make is not following the instructions on an application. The instructions are there so employers can see if an applicant can follow directions and if they have an attention to detail.

Also, leaving fields on an application blank can result in not getting a call back. Leaving blank fields indicates a lack of attention to detail. Even if the information is included on a job resume, applicants need to rewrite that information into the proper fields on the application and never write “see resume” to forward the employer to a resume.

Lastly, turning an application in past a hiring deadline is never a positive way to influence an employer. Employers set deadlines to see how well an applicant manages his or her time and whether or not they can meet deadlines if they’re hired.

Created by the team at Recruiterbox.

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