Wednesday, August 29, 2012


5 things to include on your EFL teaching resumes

1. A picture
 Many times, like it or not, we are hired because we look the part. I look like an American. It gets me jobs. I have helped hire replacements and seen them trash anything without a picture, so put a picture on it. Your picture doesn't need to be anything fancy. I think I took mine with a timer against a blank wall. If you normally wear tons of make-up tone it down, but let them know what you will normally look like (so they aren't surprised by the green eyeshadow on the first day). Be sure to smile! Employers want to hire someone who doesn't look miserable all the time and your smile shows that you are someone who they want.

2. Skype
Most of my job interviews abroad have been via Skype, so I make sure to give this in addition to my phone number and e-mail address. I am also sure to always keep my Skype "statuses" appropriate. Nothing about nursing a hangover or wanting to kill a boyfriend.

3. Keep the English simple
Usually the person reading your resume will speak English well, however sometimes I am applying to schools who are google translating my resume. In that case complicated phrases and idioms won't work too well. Keep it succinct without flowery language. Now is not the time to show off your fantastic English; it is the time to show you can communicate clearly with second language speakers without speaking down to them.

4. Content
As far as content goes, I am now blessed enough to have enough experience I don't need to include non-education jobs. However, in the past I would include jobs that weren't education related. I just made sure to point out what skills it gave me that would help. Multi-tasking, Making things simple, Organization etc. For example as Aquatics Manager I trained people, that is a type of teaching so it gets highlighted. I also created a new filing method for the swim lessons to up enrollment and retention. That shows I am organized and for language schools that I understand keeping clients happy.  When I au-paired I focused on the educational aspects: Created activity books, Made TBL activities (which was essentially all we did), etc.

5. Abroad Experience
If you have it PROMOTE it! Even if it was just a Summer in Italy in high school show that you can live in a different culture. So many people take jobs and head back home within a month. This really messes things up for the school and is one of the reasons I am convinced I get as many job offers as I do. I have shown I have no problems living abroad and I am not a flight risk. Before I had my teaching experiences abroad I added it to my education section:

Dec 2007         B.A. Degree in Communications and Minor in Spanish           3.0 G.P.A                                               San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
Also studied through SDSU’s abroad program:
Dec 2005         Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
May 2006        Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid Spain
Summer 2006  Women’s Studies Course Throughout Turkey 

What am I missing? What do you make sure to inlcude on your resumes when you are headed to a new place?

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