Friday, January 17, 2014


Other Common Spelling Mix ups!

How many of your students are convinced they don't need to learn to spell because they have "spell check." Be sure to remind them that spell check does NOT help with similarly spelled words.

You can always find new ways to practice spelling with your students! Those who are more visual may find an infographic helpful. Earlier this month I posted a New Year's Eve infographic of  commonly confused words and many people found it helpful. Hopefully this one will help some teachers (and their students) as well.

Some of the most common mistakes we make when writing happen when we are moving too quickly and end up making a spelling error. Even worse, there are many times when we use the wrong word in place of the right one, such as dessert for desert, and we don’t see the mistake in our minds. Technology such as autocorrect on our phones and spell check on our computers oftentimes will not pick up words that we spell correctly but happen to use in the wrong situation. That is why it is important to read your words again so that you can catch any errors before sending the message to your boss or turning in your assignment to your professor. Familiarize yourself with words that are similar in spelling to others so that you can keep them separate and the meaning of your words intact. Read through the infographic below to see just a few examples of these words that tend to trip us up.

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