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The Darnedest Things Teens Do That Could Get Them Arrested

I have said it before, but it still bears repeating. Classroom management can be one of the toughest parts of the job! To prove it take a look at this guest post by Kris Bennette discussing the students who have been arrested for inappropriate behavior! The next time a student whines when you make them clean up the doodle they drew on the desk, let them know that there were worse things that could have happened.

Young adults act out. These teens usually break the house rules, have food fights, and get caught texting while in class. In most cases, this type of behavior is met with a serious talk with parents, detention, or a long essay. Discipline is usually handled by parents, teachers, and principals. Unfortunately, today there are schools and parents that call on the police to help them discipline these young adults.

In many schools across the country, if the teenager so much as make a sound in the classroom or doodles on his desk, there is a good chance that the student will be arrested by the police and hauled away before he could say, "it wasn't me." Listed below are some of the most ridiculous reasons teenagers have been arrested.

The truth behind Botticelli's, "The Birth Of Venus"
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Taking Semi-Nude Self-Portraits:
A high school student in Northeastern Pennsylvania was confused and shocked to learn that she might be facing criminal charges after law enforcers reported finding a semi-nude photo of her on someone else's phone. She was forced to attend a 10-hour class dealing with pornography and sexual violence else she will face a sexual abuse of a minor charge. If convicted, she will serve time in prison and her name will be added to the sex offenders registry.

Law enforcers are trained to spot signs and evidence of sexting- the increasingly popular phenomenon of sending nude and semi-nude photos through smartphones and the internet. For this reason, before you decide to take a photo of yourself wearing only your undies, think again. You might just get arrested for that.

Desktop Doodling:
The next time you think about writing something on your desk at school, remember that you could get arrested for it. In fact, 12-year-old Alexa Gonzales was arrested after writing "Lex was here" on her desk. Although she was released several hours after she was taken to the police station, she still had to spend 8 hours doing community service, submit a book report and write an essay on what she learned from it all.

If you are a parent, you should understand that getting arrested is a stressful and frightening experience, especially for young adults. Bail Bonds DIRECT, a bail bond agency in California, suggests seeking information about posting bail and understanding the process as clearly as possible.

Burping In Class:
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 13-year-old student was arrested, hauled off to a juvenile detention, and handcuffed to a chair for burping in class. The boy was not charged; however, his parents filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that burping is not a serious disruption and it doesn't pose any threat or danger. The lawsuit even alleges that the boy was taken to the juvenile center despite the fact that the parents of the boy were not notified. The lawsuit also alleges that the boy was not able to exercise his rights because the school suspended him for a year without explaining why he was getting the suspension.

Texting While In Class:
A 14-year-old girl in Wisconsin was arrested for disorderly conduct when she was caught texting while class was ongoing. She was confronted by a school security guard after she ignored her teacher's request to stop texting. When she was arrested, she denied having the phone but the officers confiscated her phone from her buttocks area. She was later cited for disorderly conduct and was asked to appear in court. If you are thinking of sending that text while in class, think again. You might face legal charges if you are caught.

Kris Bennette has been writing professionally for more than 2 years and she has written about various topics, including lifestyle, family, and law for online publishing.

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