Thursday, January 23, 2014


Can I make it as a freelance teacher?

I keep meeting all of these FANTASTIC teachers who don't teach for a school. 

These teachers are essentially freelancers. They teach on their own schedules often online (meaning they can teach in different locations).

This seems to be a growing area in education, so when Brian Fenwick offered an infographic in the facts and figure of freelancing I thought other educators may like to look at it..  

Close to a billion dollars has been earned by freelance workers across the world and this figure continues to grow at a considerable rate as ever more people turn to this career path to make their living.

Maybe unsurprisingly the United States and India top the list of country earnings. In terms of area of expertise, it is those who possess design skills that seem most likely to choose freelancing.

There is evidence to suggest that the United States economy has changed in its basic structure with a greater prominence for the service industry which may well explain why freelancing has grown quickly here.

The economic situation of the past 5 years has also, no doubt, had an impact on how people have chosen to earn a living; if a person with the required skills was unfortunate enough to find themselves out of work, freelancing would inevitably seem like a route out of their jobless position.

A final factor that may have influenced the growth patterns of the freelance world is the recent search engine algorithm changes by the world’s most popular search engine Google. High quality content is now paramount when it comes to ranking highly and every website owner from small to large has had to take the necessary steps to provide this. Freelancers are often the ones called upon to help create and market this content.

The likelihood is that freelance working practices will continue to grow in popularity over the coming years.

This infographic was researched and produced by Brian Fenwick and comes as his new ebook is released that details how anyone can become a freelance writer if they follow certain guidelines and put their skills to use.

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