Monday, March 24, 2014


Book Review: Am I small?

Spanish and English
I teach high school and university students know, but a special part of me will always have a special place in my heart for teaching younger learners.

Earlier this month I was picking up some Kindle books and I grabbed "Am I small?" Phillip Winterberg Nadja Wichmann
. I normally don't read the kids books that I buy (other than the alphabet books) but for some reason I did skim through this one.

I LOVED it. Lots of repetition to help 'lil ones get used to structure and words! Many different words being used to help them improve their vocabulary (or pick the best word!).

The Vietnamese version
English Only
Most importantly, it sends a good message about how being unique and different is good. I STRONGLY suggest you check this book out! Your students don't speak Spanish? No worries. This book is offered bilingually in MANY different languages from Dutch to Vietnamese!

If you are one of those teachers who prefers to have books in just the language you are teaching, the book is also sold in an English only version (or Africaans, Dutch, Spanish, etc.).

To help motivate you to use this book with your students I am creating activities that would go well with the book. This one focuses on expanding your students' vocabulary, this is an awesome spring time craft and this one helps them realize the different meanings a word can have.

If you want to check out other books my Phillip his website links to three other books he has written you can download for free! Out of all of them, "Am I small?" was my favorite, but you may like the other ones as well.

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