Tuesday, March 11, 2014


5 tips to Avoid Teacher Burnout

I love teaching! However, I have had those days when I just want to quit. It can be hard. How do you avoid burning out as a teacher? This guest post from Pauline Sloan discusses the different ways to be a happy teacher, and keep your passion for teaching alive!
Being a teacher is one of the hardest professions out there. There are plenty of challenges that teachers are facing these days and you need to find ways to overcome these to succeed. One of the key things to guarantee you are successful in teaching is to keep your passion for teaching. Here are five tips that can help you do it.

1. Keep Learning

You can really stay passionate about your teaching if you keep constantly learning more about your subject as well. If you just rely on the information you have learned during your training it is very easy to start feeling bored.
So make sure that you read new books about teaching and the subject you teach. You can also take advantage of news that relates to your field and share opinions with other teachers.

2. Stay Interested In Your Students’ Opinions

It is also crucial that you remain genuinely interested in your students’ opinions. The way this can help you remain passionate is by making each lesson much more different.
When you show your students you want to hear their opinions then you can keep learning from your students as well.
Know how to be more approachable and how to create the right learning environment for your students. Your passion will feed your students’ passion and vice versa.

3. Talk About Your Job

You want to surround yourself with colleagues that help you share your worries about the job. If you have no way of letting out steam about your job it is really easy to start feeling frustrated and stressed.
Therefore you want to find either friends at work or other people in the field to talk to when things get tough. This can really boost your own interest for teaching. Check out online forums like TES to find other teachers to talk to.

4. Use Different Methods

Make your teaching more fun by using different teaching methods. Don’t just stick to the same routine but make it a little bit different in order to keep yourself on your toes.
There are plenty of great ways to make teaching more fun these days. For example, you can use multimedia or elearning software for creative teaching. Making your teaching more varied with these sorts of tools can really help you keep yourself more excited about your job.

5. Do Something Else

It is also essential that you do something outside teaching as well. You need to occasionally rest yourself and take a break from teaching to ensure it remains something fun to do.
Make sure you have another hobby that doesn’t require you to do anything remotely close to your teaching. For instance, if you are a maths teacher then you might want to start doing something physical like boxing to take your mind of your work.
The above five tips should help you maintain your passion for teaching. It is important to try and do this as it can help guarantee you more success with your profession and guarantee you don’t start feeling stressed about your work as easily.

Pauline Sloan is really interested in helping people feel more excited about the work they do. She is passionate about ensuring people find ways to stay happy and passionate. She is also a really big fan of learning more about the ancient Greeks.

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