Monday, March 10, 2014


Online Education Infographic

I used to consider online teaching something I would never do, but with advances in technology, and more research into the subject there are some good arguments to be made about the benefit of teaching online. Check out this inforgraphic about  the advantages of online education.

College students now perceive online education as a real option to earn their degrees, especially when they consider a few factors. The percentage of students taking online continuing education courses has risen to approximately 31 percent.

Some students do consider the quality of instructors as they weigh their options. This is no different for students thinking of taking a class or two online. They want to know that they will be spending their money and time on an instructor who knows what she is doing as she delivers class lectures to a camera, reaching hundreds, if not thousands, of students. Depending on the program, some students may verify whether an online program is accredited.

Some students do have to consider their finances. If a continuing online education is more affordable than traditional college, this will be one of the most important factors for them.situation, this betters their chances of employment after graduation.
Students do think about the course materials they will be taking. If the course is intended to help them in an established career, these students will research several online universities, as well as their curricula, before making a decision.

Amy White is a freelance blogger and at-home mother of two. She recommends continuing education through comprehensive continuing education online

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