Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Free Kindle Reading

I’ve decided I am going to try and get in the habit of reviewing a kindle read at least once a week.
To start I should admit that I am a free reading junkie.
Kindles start at around $60

I have always been a voracious reader, but about a year ago I cancelled my home internet service. This meant no more blogging, Facebook or Engrade while I was at home.
My choices were: grading papers, playing with my cat, cooking/eating, or watching TV. Sometimes I would try to do something for my appearance (deep conditioner, pore strips, DIY face masks, push-ups) but the truth was in my hot apartment those things weren’t much fun.
I love my Galaxy!

Then my school offered teachers the chance to have a tablet. Always down for trying to be more tech savvy I signed up and become the proud user of a new Android Tablet. One of the first apps I downloaded was the kindle app.
Now when I am at home I spend my time reading all of the great freebies I find online and here’s how:
1.       If you don’t own a kindle you can still read kindle books. 
  • They have apps you can get for free for your phone or tablet.
  • You can also read it online just using a web browser.
2.       There’s a website I visit almost daily called, The title pretty much says it all It sifts through amazon and links you to the free books.
  • I normally go to, “added today” and then whatever category I want
  • I normally check, “Education” for obvious reasons and “Business” to see if I can use any excerpts for my Business English class.
3.       Amazon tracks its bestselling Kindle books AND separates the paid from the free
  • Check out the Kindle Free BestSellers
  • Again, I normally check out education,
4.       When it doubt, buy it
  • Books usually are only free for a limited amount of time, but if you buy them when they are free and later their prices rise you still keep it for free. So, “buy now; read later” is often the best policy.
  • You are paying NOTHING for these books. They are free! At least have the decency to leave an honest review so others know how you felt.
  • NOTE: I try not to leave bad reviews just because sometimes, “wasn’t my style.” Before you leave a review think, “Is this something I would have bought based on the information made available to me? Or did I just grab it because it was free?” If you just grabbed it because it was free then don’t leave a review. If the book actually disappointed you because it was not about what you thought it was about, contained inappropriate (vulgar, spammy) information, or was poorly written then feel free to leave a review to let others know.
So there we go, that’s how I am able to give you all of the reviews that are to come, because most of these books were obtained via the magic of the World Wide Web.


  1. So creative and an AMAZING conversation starter! This one's goin in the convo-lessons archives... hehe thansk!

  2. Thanks so much, Carissa! I'm always looking for new books, and free = favorite for me! haha


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