Tuesday, September 24, 2013


But I don't have time to show a movie!!!

I know a lot of teachers who don't show films in class due to the time constraint. Filminute has 25 different films all chiming in at a minute!

You can use them as listening activities, attention getters, things for students to describe, or inspiration for your students' own events!

Here are some that I liked and could see using in class.
Idiosyncratic I am sure they'll remember the word idiosyncrasy after this! A great clip to cover, "What would you do if this happened?" There is censored female nudity and a cigarette I think I would use this in class one day when working on guessing the meaning of a word from the context.

The Kissing Booth: Talk about a twist! Super cute! You can talk about what he was thinking and introduce the word, "homely" I'd probably use this for a grammar point (conditional, participial phrases, relative clauses, etc.) or just to start a discussion about love.

The Veil This is another sentimental one. Great if you are talking about the Arab spring, different cultures, or empathy. Not any dialogue, but I still think there's lots to do here! (There is some blood and you can hear guns so be sure it is appropriate for your class).

Maybe Another Time This does have gunshots. There are thick accents, but it is subtitled. I think showing this and The Veil back to back and having students compare them would be amazing.

The Present Lots of talking for a listening activity. Pretty clear and very sentimental! A great tie in if you are going to read / talk about the downfalls of different jobs. No gore, no blood, no violence.

There are so many more! for example would be great for adjectives. How do they fee? I'd have my students get started on a poetry unit with it, or we could talk about symbols!

Take a second to check them out and let me know if you think you would use any in your class. You won't waste your time, after all each is only a minute!


  1. Film English, a website by Kieran Donaghy also make great lesson plans based on short films. Their average video length is about 5 minutes though. Website is

    1. I am familiar with that site. While his lessons wouldn't always work for my class, it is another great place to find shorter videos to use in class. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting :) I am glad you liked it.

  3. Hello, in Migration, how can I used to talk about adjectives, maybe by writing a paragraph? Thank you!

    1. For basics: Ask them to describe what they see and how they feel. I would do a diamante poem I think, which uses adjective as part of the set up.

      Ask how the color red makes them feel (happy, sad, etc.) then show the video. Ask what the video makes you feel. Why? Is the music fast? Slow? When describing things wonderful adjectives tend to be used.


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