Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Pensoul in Class

As I have mentioned before I am not an artist. Yet, we've all read the studies, and we know that, especially with students who are newer to English, there is a need to use visuals when teaching.

I've recently been using an app called PenSoul to create amazing graphics I can use in my class.

Since I got a little excited about how easy it is to use, I made a short list of other ways to use the app.
  • Have students create their own book covers for a novel
  • Have students create a WANTED poster for a character in the story
    • Be sure they include traits in addition to their picture
  • Let students use the app to create a fake Instagram picture or Tweet of a character
  • Encourage students to create art that they feel a character would have made.
  • Make a menu that the characters would have enjoyed (include pictures of the food!)
And so much more! What would you have them do?

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