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7 Online Tools to Show Your Students' Writing Talent

Today a guest blogger is joining us to write about different tools you can use online to show off your writing with others. I think this is a really awesome way to get students motivated. After all, you want their audience to go further than you, don't you? Then they can become famous writers and quote you as their motivation...or maybe just enjoy writing homework a bit more.

Throughout the blog I've inserted my thoughts on how to really apply this site to your class and students. Whenever you see the writing in italics, that's me. Everything else is the very talented Veronica.

Writing is not just a talent but also a skill that students should continuously develop and share to others. In fact, if good writers, can definitely use it to attain income and to finally establish themselves as professional writer. Thanks to the Internet there are now various tools and platforms that you can use to showcase your writing talent and eventually, establish careers. Here are the 7 online tools to show off writing talent:

If you are searching for jobs where you can earn legitimate income, is a website where people searching for writers and professional writers can meet. With this website, clients can post a job and find the people they need. From editors, book designers to book marketers, it is now much easier and more convenient for writers and freelancers. Freelancers, just post their resumes and bid on the available jobs.
Create a class account and donate any funds made to charity!
Showcasing your talent is essential especially if you really want to pursue this career. To do this, you also have to keep on improving and honing your craft. Using online platforms, there are several websites available for writers. is one great site where you get to have almost all of the things that you need as a writer. This is a perfect platform where you can share your passion. The site has a lot of useful online resources that you can use as a writer. Apart from being able to do your passion, you can also get the chance to share it with others and to interact with other writers. You can actively participate in groups and forums where you can learn from others and also share what you know.
Some of the resources are great to use on a class-wide level. Otherwise, this is a useful site for students to get exposed to having their work, "out there."

When you are a writer, you have to keep on improving and honing your writing skills. In writing, there are several aspects, elements and techniques that you have to learn. You also have to keep on improving your vocabulary. One great site that you can use for this purpose is This site is an online etymology dictionary where you can get comprehensive explanation of words. The site is really useful especially if you want get to know more about the words that are often used. With this website, you can learn many things about classics and words that may often be lost in translation.
This is an AWESOME site to use with students. Once they understand why a word means something, they are less likely to forget the meaning
A prolific and effective writer should write content free from any grammar or spelling error. With so many things that you have to do, you may not have the time to do the editing and proofreading on your own. The good news is that you can always seek for professional editing and proofreading services. If you do not have the time to go over your written work, you can avail the services offered by The site is known to have the best editors and proofreaders. For years, they have already established their reputation in the business. So, if you are looking for a firm that can offer you quality editing services, All Correct is one of the best choices out there.
I wouldn't use this with a high school class, but I don't think there's anything wrong with showing students that even professionals get their work proofread! This may motivate them to get their work checked by a friend before submitting it.

When writing, it is not just the quality and the kind of content. You also have to take into consideration the structure and the formatting. This is where most writers are having a hard time. With ideas overflowing and with the details you want to add, this can be challenging. The nice thing is that you can use the tool Scrivener. This is a tool that you can use for content generation. In using Scrivener, you get to control the formatting. The tool works as a complete writing studio that can make it easier for you to organize your thoughts and finished works.
This costs about $40 and is great for your more disorganized students.
The Internet has a lot of online resources and materials that you can use to show your writing talent and to improve your skills. Another great tool that you can use is This platform allows you to listen to new, websites and even documents. Even if you are so busy or if you are traveling, you can listen to materials online. The tool is very easy to use since you can use it even if you are accessing the Internet through your mobile device. With, it only takes seconds to listen to articles, blogs and documents. To utilize the complete features of this tool, you can just pay $2.95 per month.
If you have a student who is a really slow reader, practice makes perfect! However, sometimes, to help them catch up, you can let them listen to assignments instead.
This site is a well-known online community for writers. Launched in 2001, is the perfect place where you can share your creativity and skill as a writer. If you are in search for a place where you can share your work or if you are looking for a reader who can provide feedback, this is the site for you. You can join for free. Once you have registered, you can have your create your online writing portfolio for free, share your work, participate in various contests and activities, make use of writing tools and a whole lot more. The site also enables you to communicate and interact with other writers who share the same creative minds like you.
With the readily available tools that you can use to showcase your talent, you can effectively use them to develop your skill and to be recognized as a writer. It may take months or years but definitely it would not happen overnight. But with continuous work and persistence, you can make it big in the industry.
Did someone say contests??? I know my students love some competition, don't yours?

About the author: This article is a guest post by Veronica May, an experienced editor and blogger. She has written for multiple online publications, where she strives to share her knowledge and opinions. Her main focus is covering a variety of topics in the field of education.

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