Friday, January 2, 2015


Help a class plan a trip!

He has a learning chart
He leaves notes
My friend is an awesomely creative third / fourth grade teacher. Her class has a third grade student named Alex. He is like many other students in her class. He forgets to use apostrophes and struggles to get stars on his learning chart. He is also imaginary.... I told you she was creative.

Right now, Alex is planning a trip around the world to go with the term theme of journeys. She is looking for help from around the world, and I think this is an AMAZING opportunity for you to be part of an authentic exchange.

Basically, she is looking for people to convince Alexander to come and visit where they live.

As a class, you could: Write him a letter, make him a video, or send a postcard telling him why he should visit where you live. Messages might include: 

  • What cool sights he would see? 
  • What food would he eat?
  • Where might he sleep? 
  • Would he see any cool parties or festivals? 
  • What languages would he hear? 
  • How would he need to dress? 
  • Does he need different money? 
  • What do you think is different where you live than where he comes from?

Whatever you send, he and the class will send you back in kind. That means, if you send them a letter, they will send you a letter back!

If you send them a video...they will send you a video! I am sure you get the idea here. The messages can come from one person or a group of people.

You may send messages via snail mail to:
Alexander Jackson
Summers Knoll School
2203 Platt Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Email and videos can be sent to

They are available on SKYPE between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00pm EST. (9:00-15:00 New York time) Username: andaiye.spencer

The class is going further than just reading your messages. They are also taking this information and using it to plan Alex's trip! They'll create a route, figure out the price of traveling (tickets, etc) and budget Alexander’s money, as well as learn about different cultures around the world.

What an AWESOME way to make school come alive!

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