Sunday, January 4, 2015


My Teaching Christmas Gifts

It has been said that when people give you gifts, you should look at them as reflections of how others see you.

That's why I enjoy getting teacher themed gifts from friends and family over the holidays. Here are some of my favorites from December 2014.

I am a bit sad that we aren't allowed to wear t-shirts to school because this gift from my boyfriend's parents is a keeper. It reads, "I am not crazy because I teach. I am crazy because I like it." Oh how true that is! I often say that by definition if you choose to teach for a living, you have to have a little insanity in you.

I don't know where they found the shirt, but I found a similar version here. You can also see the t-shirt on the right hand side.

I am a big Whovian, which means I like the television show Dr. Who. I got this great mug that I plan on keeping at work. Since I can't machine wash it, this will be a great mug for me to keep at work and wash by hand. Coffee is definitely a vice I plan on keeping for one more year, and this mug will be a fun way to do it!

I've seen these mugs all over the place above is a pretty good picture and you can buy Doctor Who's Disappearing Tardis Mug here as well.

At this job I have business cards. I always joke that I don't really know what to do with them because as a teacher I don't really hand out cards to people. At least now I have a Mahogany Business Card Holder Wooden Case to put them in. I can't find the one that I was purchased online, but here's an equally pretty one.

In addition one of my friends thinks I am the best teacher! I am not sure that my students would agree, but it is a great gift to grab for any teacher! I have also seen the ornaments for 2013, so I am sure in 2015 they will have a new one too! It isn't too late though, you can still buy the  "Best Teacher 2014"  Ornament for anyone in 2014.

Finally, as a joke, my boyfriend got me Bad Teacher as a joke. I have never seen this movie, but I'll give it a shot!

I also got some random things I wanted to have around the classroom, some magnet clips, stamps, etc.

What about you? Did you get any fun teaching gifts this year for Christmas?


  1. Not many teaching related gifts from my friends, but I did get a few little things from my students! :)

    1. Awesome! This year I got lots of Chinese treats from my students... and some gift cards of course! They seem to think I need coffee to operate :P


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