Monday, April 15, 2013


Teaching Tip #1: Passing out Papers

The volume on the video below is not as loud as I'd like, so be sure to turn the volume on your computer up rather high to hear. Otherwise just reading and seeing should give you enough information.

One of the best tips I ever picked up as a teacher wasn’t a game, or a management technique. It was a new way of counting out papers I had to pass out. When I was in Korea my co-teacher had this way of passing out papers. Instead of holding the papers normally she would roll them first. By rolling the papers, they would naturally separate from each other making it faster to count out how many worksheets you need to pass out. Even though this isn't a really classroom management tip it does make my class run a lot smoother. Plus it was super easy to learn and by now it has become second nature for me.

Hopefully it helps you too! 

Do you have any quick tips that could help teachers?


  1. Love the idea of seeing videos but just letting you know, the sound is not clear.

    1. I know! My microphone has been weird! It doesn't bother me too much because I have amazing speakers, so I tend to forget others don't. Thanks for the heads up!


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