Friday, October 26, 2012


Who / Whom / Whose Examples

I was scrolling through Amazon the other day and I randomly kept seeing who and whom. I was reminded of my who/whose/whom post and decided to make another one quickly showing how the "ask a question" method works.

Since Halloween is next week, here's something seasonal to start
  Who saved Halloween? His saved... no wait that's not right. Him saved? That's wrong too! He saved! Since we used He to answer the question it must be who!

For whom the sleigh bell tolls
For whom does it toll? For THEM! So keep the M and use whom.

Who kicked the hornet's nest? SHE did! Not her did.
For whom does the dog bark? For thee! Since we don't really use thee anymore let's try him, them or her!
Whose teeth were all alike? His teeth! Since the teeth were his we keep the S and say whose.

Whom did he sleep with? He slept with him! Oh Bill Cosby, you never cease to get my attention.

Whose mom? The mom is his or hers! So keep that S and use whose!

Seems to me like the rule works! So don't be like the confused owl and know if it is who or him. Just remember if it is he or him and then you'll never miss!

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