Sunday, March 13, 2011


TESOL Spain: 11!

There were quite a lot of choices but in the end you just can't see them all! I could have seen 12, but I figured 2011 would mean 11 :)

So, over this weekend, I got to see 11 different presentations. Some were very applicable to me where others not so much, but I took something away from each one!

I don't have a chance to jot things down now, but in short I managed to see:

Nicky Hockly speak about "Teaching the Mobile Generation"

Karen Einstein
do a FANTASTIC job with, "Collaborative Writing Activities."

Stephanie Williams give a nifty packet as she discussed webquests in "Language learning with Internet Based Projects."

Herbert Puchta talk about a bit about what teenagers want in "Ideas that work: Teaching Teens to Speak."

Penny Ur discuss the type of English we may like to teach, in "English as an International Language- What difference does it make?"

Borja Urunuela give some advise on keeping students interested with "Motivation: Theories in Practice."

Nelson Arditto remind us that English has more words than any other language and gave some "Vocabulary Learning Strategies" to teach to students.

Elspeth Pollock try to make checking homework a bit more exciting with, "Correction Technqiues: Keep your students awake."

Paul Braddock discuss his time spent without a textbook in, "Teaching Barefoot: Moving Away from the Coursebook."

If it is a quick read or a fast read? Do we say fast food or quick food? Jo Millar gives some hints and tricks for working with collocation in "Increasing Students Awareness of Collocation."


Bouncy Teresa Bestwick give some advice on making teenagers speak more in class with, "There are no wrong answers! Encouraging Communication in Teens"

As I get some free time (I have two papers to write by Thursday)I hope to give a brief glimpse of what I gained from each of these sessions.

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