Friday, March 18, 2011


Borja Uruñuela

"Borja Uruñuela is Head of Education at St. James in Seville, where he has developed a language and content programme. He is also the President and head of training for ACEIA, and has written CLIL and social awareness material for Kid’s Box levels 1 - 4 (Cambridge University Press). He is also an oral examiner for the YLs Cambridge exams."

He talked about, "Motivation Theories in Practice" which was described in the abstract as, "When I think of motivation I think of Marslow, Herzberg, Alderfer but… what can we actually do to motivate our students? How can we motivate other teachers? How can we motivate ourselves when we feel demotivated? We will not focus on the theories but on practical activities we can do in the classroom and in the teachers’ room to increase people’s motivation."

He started by reminding us that Performance = Ability x Motivation

Goal setting is VERY important to a student's motivation. If they know where they are going then we can help them get there but, "I want to speak English better" is not a tangible goal! "I want to master the past tense in time for the exam" is specific and thus tangible and a good point to lead motivation!

The best goals are: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based.

Goals have to be discussed, public, and desired!

As a teacher we have to do more than teach, we also have to supervise:

Help set goals
Help create models
Give praise
Give rewards
Help evaluate (self, peer and formal)
Practice (give feedback and practice)

*Students do a test
*Teacher marks the tests
*Teacher goes through answers
*Students give themselves a mark
*Teacher gives out the tests
*How can I improve? Where did I go right? Where did you go wrong?

Classes make rubrics

KWL are super important
Know/Want to know/Learned

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