Monday, March 14, 2011


Helpful Links from Nicky

During Nicky's presentation she linked us to a handout:

TESOL Spain ELT Convention

11 March 2011 - Plenary by Nicky Hockly

Teaching the Mobile Generation

Videos & interviews

Class of 8-year olds with iPods

Project Knect

Texts & Tweets: myths & reality (Interview with David Crystal)

Mobile learning with kids (Interview with Scott Newcomb)

Mobile learning in a US high school (Interview with Edward Spurke)

Apps for learning English

Graham Stanley on apps

Neil Ballantyne on apps

Top 50 iPhone apps for educators

British Council free apps


David Read on using mLearning in UK

Mobile learning blog

Nicky Hockly mLearning series 1-10

Tony Vincent´s blog Learning in Hand

Louise Duncan´s blog

Liz Kolb´s blog

mLearning is good

Lesson plans

Planet of the Apps (iT´s Magazine - A2)

Reading on mobile phones

Mobile phones: discussion of issues

mLearning Lesson Plans Repository

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