Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Elspeth Pollock

Elspeth Pollock noticed that having students take out their homework to correct as a class wasn´t actually getting her any results. So, she tries to make checking homework a bit more exciting with, "Correction Techniques: Keep your students awake."

In her own words (per the abstract) "In this workshop I’d like to show a variety of techniques for written and oral correction, using tools at our disposal from mini-whiteboards to technology (video, podcasts and IWB) to make correction both motivating and memorable."

Does she know what she´s talking about? Well, she, "has been teaching and training for 20 years and is Director of Studies at ELI, Seville. She has an MA in Linguistics (TESOL), the Cambridge DELTA and, most recently, the new ICT Trinity Certificate. She is currently interested in the integration of technology and teaching for all ages and levels of student."

Her main goal was to make the act of students giving answers more than just wondering around the class having students take turns. Some suggestions were:
  • Use a mini white board (laminate a green piece of paper)
  • Use little pieces of paper
  • Use Cuisinaire Rods (if its A hold up green, if B yellow if C orange etc)
  • Hide the answers under a chair and have students find it
  • Split up an answer sheet and give half to the first two students finished they can check the rest of the students (after they communicate with one another to figure out the complete answer set)
  • Make a wordle with all the correct answers and see if students can figure it out.
  • etc. etc.

Call me old fashioned but I always liked having students correct one another and then write their answers on the board, but it is always nice to have new experiences.

On the other hand if your classroom allows you to I don´t see why you couldn't just use something like surveymonkey and have students see the answers they all submitted anonymously of course, perhaps use it like a lifeline?

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