Wednesday, July 1, 2015


What to watch when lesson planning?

I, like many other teachers it seems, thrive on background noise. Music tends to distract me, but silence means I can't focus.

Luckily I live in the age of Netflix, and for my birthday I received a Smart TV, so I can watch Netflix without having it running behind whatever I am doing on the computer.

I prefer to watch things I've already seen, so I know what happens next and don't find myself getting too sucked into the shows. I also prefer to watch series that are complete. That way I can watch episode one, then two, then three, then four.... until the end. Plus, since I've already seen it I tend to latch onto examples of literary devices (hyperbole, alliteration, etc) that I can use in class (students love TV clips!).

The following list is not necessarily in order of importance. It is in chronological order with number 1 being the series I have most recently watched and number 10 being the series I watched earlier.

Mac getting dressed up for White Collar
As you can tell I tend to go towards the Science Fiction or Suspense for my shows. My cat is very unhappy about this. He HATES science fiction and action. My theory is that he dislikes the unnatural sounds. Nonetheless, I am the one who buys the catnip, so I am the one who picks the channels.

What about you? Do you lesson plan with music? Television shows? The pitter-patter of your children's feet? Or are you one of those people who prefers absolute silence?


  1. Great List! I watch a lot of the same action shows! They are great for background noise :)

    The Third Grade Nest

    1. At a glance I thought your name was a tribute to Buffy: Miss Giles :)

  2. I have never seen any of these shows! I guess I have more in common with your cat! :) I DO feel the same way about background noise, though. Silence definitely doesn't work... I can do music or TV !

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

    1. Lucky! I learned at a young age I just can't do music (unless it is lyric-less).

  3. I definitely need the background noise when I work, especially if my boys are in bed. I may have to check out some of these shows.

    Learning Adventures

  4. I also need the background noise! I LOVE BUFFY!!! I've seen a lot of the others on your list too. I'm the same way, it's good to watch something you've seen before to not get so distracted. =)
    <a href=">Little Gingergarten<a/>


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