Thursday, July 23, 2015


Back to School Organization

I am joining Snazzy in Second and Notes from the Portable in their Back to School Link Up about getting organized and set up for the school year.

I  feel silly trying to give any advice on organization when this is only my second year with a classroom of my own. However, I really have put a lot of effort into my room this summer with organization in mind.

Here is my basic advice in just two tips:
  1. Do what works for you!
    • I have seen a lot of GREAT set ups that would not work for me because of my students...or my style. Don't try to do what someone else does if you know it won't jive with you once the school year starts.
  2. Have some fun
    • My parents were both teachers, but when I was little any school supply I wanted I (usually) got. Their theory? If the Lisa Frank pens made me a little excited about school it was worth it? Make your classroom a place that you feel happy, and it will show in your work.
My classroom isn't done yet, but I have totally planned with organization in mind! This is focusing on the teacher section since it is the part where most of my organization happens.

First off, I don't really have a theme in my class. Our school colors are blue and gold, and I found this black and white paper I really liked... so that's as "themey" as I get. What I do have is a whole lot of practical.

You can actually scroll over the first two pictures pictures seen here to get more specific information, but here's the gist. I am ALL about color coding and storage spaces. If there's an open space, I can use it to store something. This is why I am really proud of the fact my bulletin board is NOT full right now. I've learned this gets added to with time, so I am making space for future discoveries. I also have it set up with lots of clippies so when I want to put something up that I can take down and consult I can clip it inside of pinning it.

Backing up a but you can see I have quote a lot of storage space this year in cabinets and behind the whiteboards. I try to keep most of the "teacher stuff" (coffee, lesson plans, tissues etc.) near my desk and the "student stuff" (dictionaries, textbooks, library books, etc) closer to the door.  I also use a lot of mini bins to divide and organize all the little things I have.

I am a big fan of color coding since I teach five different classes students know that they have a color and that's how I keep their materials straight. I even keep class calendars in the back color coded so students know what's happening when.

My "hidden organization" comes behind the podium. I store the day's progressions of handouts or realia in order. If I can't make it then the sub just needs to find the podium to be able to follow the plan.

There we go! It may not seem like much but it is "home." I hope that this coming year the organization I took the time to set up over the summer will be worth it!

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