Friday, July 17, 2015


My 2015 Adventure

I am so ridiculously excited abut going 1:1 this year. I think I may be the most excited of all parties involved.

For those who aren't familiar with 1:1, it varies a bit to bit, but basically means that each student will be have a device to use in class. In our case, the students are each receiving a laptop at the start of the term. They will be expected to bring this device to every class and teachers are encouraged to develop ways to have students use their laptops productively.

Last year was my first year at this school and I STRUGGLED with technology. Booking the computer lab wasn't always a guarantee. Plus, those computers tended to be old, slow, and complicated to log onto. Most of my students had laptops, so sometimes I would just tell them to bring their laptops. Then however they would expect me to help trouble shoot the five different models, My favorite was when the exchange students would expect me to help them.

Student: It isn't working for me.
Me: OK, let me look..... your computer is in Chinese... I can't really do much from here. 
Now I know 1:1 isn't a magical key. My students did a lot this year without it! We rocked interactive audio books, used student made review games, fund-raised for charities, made interactive "What Character Are You? quizzes, and used infographics to support a thesis. But imagine what I can do with students having their laptops every day! Plus, students will be able to gain technological literacy on a quasi-daily basis.

Now don't worry, it won't be all typing in my class! Conversation is still key :) Anyways, I just wanted to share a quick post about what I am most excited about next year (it was a close winner, my classroom being the second thing I am psyched about).

I hope this excitement will last me the whole school year, but I am also rather practical. I teach literature after all and know that no hero's adventure was great without obstacles and bad guys. I am sure wifi signals will go in and out, sites will be down, students will be off task, laptops won't be charged and overall chaos will ensure. However, I am really excited that in the end we will have gone on an awesome adventure.

I'd LOVE to know what YOU are excited about for this upcoming school year. For the next week this link-up is open, so feel free to join :)



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