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New Learning Tools in e-Learning

Today's guest post is written about e-learning tools! I am a huge fan of taking full advantage of the many tools the internet makes available to teachers, and I hope you'll find David's blog helpful.

Anyone involved in education has been privy to the changes over the past ten years with regard to online learning. New mobile technologies and e-learning has changed the landscape of education forever. Of course, there are still some stragglers out there who have not bought into all of the benefits that the e learning world has to offer, but they are missing out and soon enough will have to join alongside the rest of us.

In 2011, seventy seven percent of corporations in America were utilizing online learning. This is largely dramatic increase from the mere four percent that it was in 1995. This means that companies are getting involved in online training due to the diminishing technological barriers and shifting customer priorities.

The industry for corporate training is worth two hundred billion dollars, in and of itself. Of this, fifty six billion represents e-learning. This is expected to grow into one hundred and seven billion dollars by 2015. This makes e-learning one of the fastest growing markets that is continuing to make its stride in the education industry. The reason for this is because of the many new learning tools.

E-learning is growing and it is growing among all age groups. In fact studies indicate that e-learning has grown for older adults much more than among younger children with the average online user age being 34. This key in mind there are many new technologies which have created learning tools applicable to all grades and all key demographics.

Learning tools are tools used for personal learning or professional learning. They can also be used to teach or train individuals. Key findings suggest that there is an increased consumption of IT and learning. Learning tools and working tools are merging with personal tools due to the fact that free online social tools are dominating the online learning field. Now professional and personal learning is under the control of the individual. Educational and training tools remain the top trending category for online learning with video and image tools in second. In third place is communication tools followed by networking and other platforms for collaboration. Blogging and web tools are ranked the fifth trend in the industry.

Within the educational industry online there are elearning authoring tools such as the elearning software Articulate. There are also tools such as Udutu which is collaborative course authoring software as well as Camtasia which is a screencasting tool. There is a simulation authoring tool called Adobe Captivate and a course manager called iTunesU. Then there are quizzing tools. Quizlet is a tool that allows you to study games and use flashcards. Socrative is a student response system that is quite new. ProProfs Quiz Maker is another new tool which acts as an online quiz maker.

There are many e-learning platforms available to users. Moodle is a course management system that is now widely available to educational and corporate entities alike and Edmono is an educational social networking platform. Coursera is an MOOC platform that companies and students can both use and eFront is another course management system along with Blackboard Learn. The latter two are best suited for educational institutions but can be easily applied to corporate training online as well. There are still other educational tools such as TED Talks/Ed which offers inspirational lessons. There is also GlogsterEDU which is an interactive poster tool and Learnist which is a pinning tool for learning. You can also use Khan Academy which is a video learning platform or Voicethread which is a digital storytelling platform.

Author Bio: David Miller is an educational researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. Currently, he is pursuing research in online knowledgebase software and is also a contributing author with ProProfs.

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