Friday, April 11, 2014


Spring has Sprung!

No ears required to be festive!

Spring has come and there are a lot of great activities you can do with your students to celebrate springtime!

1. Spring means the Easter Bunny! Even if you don't celebrate the holiday you can use this fun song to practice body parts, animals, and adjectives. Interested? Check out the sweet little bunny!

2. You can practice some prepositions, and get your students moving by dancing the to the Bunny Hop

3. Working on emotions with your students? This free printable involves a fingerplay and coloring pages with an egg theme (perfect for Easter).

4. Have your students practice using more precise words AND decorate your classroom with flowers with this Fun Flower Activity. (pictured to your left)

5. Have little ones work on the different names of plants (stem, petals, etc.) with this game / chant, "Oh No, Poor Flo."

6. Flowers mean bees! Here's a bunch of bee idioms

7. Earth day is coming up! Grab a free book with TONS of water ideas. Some resources are on conserving water, others on the water cycle. Lots to do!

Those are seven awesome activities that work well with spring. What's your favorite activity to use in the springtime?

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