Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Children's Book Day 2014

Because of Hans Christian Andersen (or at least it is usually around his birthday) once a year on April 2nd we celebrate children's books! To celebrate here are a few of the children's eBooks I have read within the last 12 months that I really enjoyed, and maybe you would too! They are all available as eBooks so those of you

I just wrote about one children's book I love called Am I small? In this story a girl asks for the opinions of others to find out if she really is small. I great vocabulary builder and available in multiple languages. Plus I have made a few activities that fit nicely with the theme! You can encourage students to use a larger vocabulary, realize small words have multiple meanings or make pretty decorations for your class.

Much Ado About Puffins is a beautifully illustrated book about the trendsetting Puffins and one Puffin named Gertrude who just never quite gets with the trends. It sends a nice message about not worrying about staying trendy and instead staying true to yourself! It could also be tied into recycling and trash quite easily (as the puffins collect the garbage that is washed in from the ocean). Plus, if you visit his website and join his fan club you can receive a free Personalized eBook! Seems like a great gift to yourself for international children's book day!

I'll Follow the Moon is a cute story that is really about the connection babies and mothers have. While some of the words are more advanced there are a LOT of action words. That means you can have students act out the story as you read it! There is a verse that is repeated throughout the story so students can quickly grasp onto that and "read" along with you. Even though it isn't scientifically accurate, it is a very cute feel good story. Plus, it may inspire your students to learn more about turtles in life.

Splodge Gets Lost in London is a great model to use for class. It is an eBook that is set up similar to a comic book, and this story is set in London! Great if you are trying to teach your students about life in England as it shows lots of famous landmarks. I think it would be great to have students make their own versions with their animal getting lost in certain parts of their city.

The Knot Monster is another great one with a teaching moment! In this story a girl is introduced to the knot monster that messes her hair up every night. I am not thrilled with the ending, but I think that bad endings make for great class activities. Discuss what better solutions would have been. Maybe draw and write your own ending to the story.

Finally I really enjoyed, "Little Monsters have feelings too!" The book essentially asks children what they would do to monsters? Would they treat them poorly or treat them well? It is well written, simple, and colorful!Most importantly! It really sends a positive message about not bullying and treating others the way you want to be treated.

There you are! In honor of children's book day those are six books I think would go great in a classroom.

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