Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Free Joke E-Books

I have read some, though not all, of these.

I would not suggest using all of these jokes in your class, but this is just an example of how many FREE jokes are out there!

As a teacher it is up to YOU to find the best jokes for your class.

If you don't have a kindle that's OK you can download the free app and use it on your tablet or smart phone. No smart phone? That's OK too! you can read them on the computer!

PLEASE be sure to double check before purchasing these. Most free e-books are only free temporarily. As of 8am (my time) December 4th, these were all free, ,but that could change literally any minute.

Also, be kind. If you are reading a book you didn't pay for, it is considered polite to leave a review for the author.

For more information on using jokes to teach pronunciation, check out my free presentation!


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