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Classroom Management Books

I’ve written a lot about classroom management because I feel it is one of the things that people expect teachers to just, “learn.” While it is true that every teacher needs to learn their own personal classroom management personality, that’s no reason not to learn from others.

This blog will cover three books covering the topic of Classroom Management

Price: Currently $28.00 Length: About 72 pages
Special Education Classroom Management for Urban Teachers is a quick read written specifically for Elementary and Middle School teacher who have special education students. I recently saw a Facebook post by the British Council about Special Ed students in EFL classes. I don’t often see this topic mentioned, so I thought it was nice to catch this e-book on sale.
The author is an Educational Consultant Adrienne Johnson and the entire book is basically about the premise that, “Learning will not occur until the environment is conducive to learning.”
This is a pretty quick read that is great for new teachers, or teachers who are new to public schools. It has seven chapters. The first chapters include tips useful for any class and chapter six is specifically for special ed students. I didn’t really read anything that was groundbreaking, but I didn’t disagree with anything I read!
Most of the advice was solid and advice I follow and share with teachers: Make rules and stick to them.
Keep your students from goofing off
Some of the advice was a bit different than what I do: Review your rules every day so your students know that the rules are not negotiable. Nonetheless, I understand why it would be useful, and see why Adrienne suggests teachers do this.
The book basically gives general advice and then goes through with specific ways to follow that advice. Such as, “Beware of empty time,” as a teacher you can have learning centers, give students worksheets, or keep books out for students to read during their down time. 
Now, the author has one chapter specifically for Special Ed and that advice seems pretty solid. Again if you are a newer teacher or one who has never taught in a public school before this is a great book filled with some logical advice.

You don't need to yell!
Price: Currently $5.05 Length: About 133 pages  
Classroom Management Made Easy: Eliminate discipline problems by teaching students how to take responsibility for their own behavior is by Wayne Sheldrick.
I am a HUGE fan of teaching students responsibility. Yes, you may go to the bathroom, but you are responsible for the information taught while you are gone. Yes, you may turn work in like, but you will lose points.
This book essentially reviews a method of classroom management which encourages students to really learn responsibility for these actions.
Do you want to teach students to mindlessly follow your rules?
Are you looking for a way to punish students whenever possible?
Is your job just to teach your subject and nothing else?
If you answered no to the previous questions you may find Wayne’s book a useful read.

Price: Currently $.96 Length: About 160 pages  
I am going to end with the longest book Effective Classroom Management: An Interactive Textbook is a book compiled by Michael S. Mills. However, as stated the book is based on the, “accomplishments (and failures) of so many teachers.” As such it used to be free, now it is still under $1!
This book is probably the most jam packed. It covers different methodologies, different problems and different solutions.  One the other hand, I also find it a bit… chaotic to read. Nonetheless, it really gives you a very well rounded approach to many different classroom management ideas.

Are there any must reads you have found that revolutionized the way you manage your class? Is there a great book you would suggest for new teachers that covers all the basics? I’d love to check out your suggestions. Tweet me @eslcarissa or leave a comment below.


  1. Strongly recommend adding Thomas Good and Jere Brophy's "Looking in Classrooms." Not just for classroom management, many other great methods for effective teaching are outlined.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'll add it to my to-read list. Seems like it is pretty expensive new, but I see some for under $10 used


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