Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Around this time of the year I see a lot of posts on Facebook. What should I get my child's teacher fro Christmas?

I've seen some posts telling you what NOT to get, and honestly, I disagree with most of them. Other than illegal items, most teachers appreciate ANYTHING!

Here are five different types of presents that can fit any budget and every teacher.

Even if you don't have the time or money to get a gift, I always appreciate a card. The ones I like best aren't fancy; they are genuine. I just received one that was cut out of an old cereal box and said, "Than you so much for the classes you gave our son." Simple, sweet and it really meant a lot to me.

A lot of teachers jokes about the amount of gift cards that they receive. We get a lot of Barnes and Noble and Starbucks gift-cards. That's sweet too! Again, I appreciate them even more when there's a note, "Thanks for getting my child excited about reading. Please use this to buy more books to get another child excited." Any denomination is great! Some parents have expressed concern that a $5 gift certificate is too paltry. Not at all!
However, if you want to do something bigger contemplate teaming up with other parents. If you and 10 other parents each gave $5 you could get a $50 gift certificate to some place.

Pinterest is FULL of these! A six pack of soda with a note that says, "We're so-darn happy you are our kid's teacher." A basket with Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars with a note that says, "We need s'more teachers like you" etc. etc.

My cat looking dapper in his tie
If you paid attention to your teachers notes or your child's assignments you probably know a few things about your teacher. For example, my students know that I have a cat. Often I'll get cat treats, a new collar, etc. My students also know that I eat when I grade, so sometimes I get a box of nuts or dried fruit encouraging me to snack and not fail anyone. These gifts mean a lot because it shows that our classes actually meant something!
This also includes making scrapbooks, collecting letters from students, having students sign a t-shirt, framing a class photo, etc. 

Really :) I get a lot of handmade gifts and I appreciate every one of them. If you make jam, salsa, cookies, scarves, bracelets, frames, etc. I am sure your teacher would appreciate this. If you want to give each teacher a candle, a purse, or a package of pens. Amazing! The important thing is to spell the teacher's name right, and be sure you let us know you appreciate us...even just a little.

So those are probably the big five categories  to consider when gifting for your teacher! Thank you so much for being the type of person who cares enough to thank the teacher :-)

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