Thursday, October 15, 2015


How to manage fidgeters?

This is going to be a super quick blog post! It has been awhile since my last update but I found something that works really well with some of my more active students and I'm hoping it might help you as well.
To start, in this case not all of the students are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. However, all of the students are super super active. They are BIG fidgeters. They like to walk around the classroom (so much that they need to sharpen the pencil fifteen times a class, or go to the bathroom just to walk). They also, like to be the center of attention (not exactly related to being active but important).

As a teacher, I do try to keep them moving, but sometimes I need them to be at their desk and I need them to be focused. I occasionally receive products for free in exchange for leaving an unbiased review on Amazon.  I had the chance to receive some of these hand exerciser thingies (officially called Hand Grip Strengthener. I realized these were GREAT for my students. The two I use in my class are pictured here and if you click on the picture it will take you straight to their Amazon page where you can purchase them.
Why do I like them so much:
1. They are affordable. I know some classes have pedals for their students, but that just isn't in my class budget.

2. They are low-key. Some classes use those big exercise ball? Remember how I mentioned my active students like to be the center of attention? Those balls can bounce pretty loudly when they want to! And students can fall off and make a big fuss getting back on and announcing they're OK. Yeah, those are a no go (in this case).

3. They keep them moving. It is a small movement, but the moving helps. Plus, you can adjust the resistance on these things making it great for ANY student (from the weakly weak student, to the one that spends more time working out than they do sleeping).

Seriously, I have seen great results (and less random walking around the room)! I'm not sure if this would work with younger classes, but if you teach secondary I'd look into it.

If you use something with your students I would love to know about it. I always love to find new ideas that I can try in my classroom comment below,  Tweet me, or contact me on Facebook

UPDATE Lifestyle lite has offered to sponsor a giveaway for one educator to receive a free strengthener.


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