Friday, October 23, 2015


Fall classroom decor

My mom made this for my classroom!

The Crucible portion of my American Lit board.
This guy greets my students from the door window
One of the things I was happiest about when I moved back to San Diego was that I got my own classroom!

When I taught in Mexico, I split my time between the college and high school building. While I had my own beautifully decorated office, I ran around from classroom to classroom.

Now that I have my own classroom I definitely splurge and decorate. I'm not able to decorate by class topic, because I have different classes on different days. So I dedicate a small portion of the room to class specific information / decor (the bulletin board in the back is divided into three parts.  Nonetheless, for the most part my classroom is pretty class neutral. You'll see above I have included a small section of my American Literature board. Each book or short story that we read gets represented in some way on the board, but right now The Crucible is the most seasonally appropriate.

My podium and the jack-o-latern lights!
Close-up of my lights!
Now that it is October it means I have the opportunity to put some of my Halloween Thanksgiving and overall autumnal stuff up. I teach at a Catholic school so I was a bit worried about getting in trouble, but I figured skeletons are biological right? Can't get in trouble for biology!

Finally my lights! I don't light them up much, but when I do I sure to feel happier for some reason.

If you have fun decorations in your classroom give me a link in the comments I'd love to check them out. I got most of my stuff from The Dollar Spot at Target, or the Dollar Tree. It keeps me living within the means of my teacher budget while still decorating my class.

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