Monday, June 15, 2015


Freelance Proofreading

I've begun editing books online as a way to read more, help others, and earn some extra cash.

Sometimes the books are painful and I can't wait to finish! Other times, I am quite happy that I had a chance to read it and can't wait to suggest it to others

Here are three of the books I have proofread. I encourage you to check them out:

I haven't suffered from a panic attack since I was in high school, but I know a lot of people that still have them. This book is basically a self help book meets fantasy. You join Ruby, who lives a life filled with fear and depression, as she leaves England to meet up with quirky characters who help her see the secret to feeling better is not as unreachable as she thinks.

This is a really great read for anyone who suffers from panic attacks. I don't really think it has any groundbreaking cures, but the format makes the concepts easy to absorb.

Plus, Nick was an absolute joy to work with, and that should count for something.

The next book is less self help and more dystopian. Steven Wolff has taken the classic zombie tale and thrown a twist...what if zombies were no longer mindless creatures...what if they were self aware.

Join Stephanie as she goes on a journey to find her family, understand what is going on with her and come to grips with the fact that she must kill, or become the mindless creatures that cover the world.

In a lot of ways I read it and think of so many vampire books and movies. The vampire coming to grips with what it must do to survive. This perspective is rarely viewed from zombies, so it was a nice twist.

If you like dystopian novels, vampire books, or (of course) zombie plots, then this book is a very entertaining read.

 Finally, my most recent edit is a series of Western novel where women who can't find love look for romance elsewhere. Alternatively, men who can't find love close to home try to find mail order brides. In most cases the woman heads to Montana in hopes that  is the one for her.

The setting in Montana leads to numerous sensations and discoveries. This isn't just a series about cowboys; there are many Lakota Indians there as we. If you're looking for a cute love story with a historical setting, then this author is right up your alley.

If you want me to proofread or edit your book, you can check out my gig on fiverr. Starting at just $5!

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