Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Get your school some money! (TurnItIn & Target)

Have you heard of Target's "Thanks a Billion" campaign going on right now?

You can thank a teacher via their site and they'll donate $25 to the school!

I've read the small print and it is legit.

The program runs from Starting on May 14, to June 15, 2015 (or when Target donates a total of 6 million dollars).

No school can earn more than $25,000 total, but that's a nice chunk of change.

So, what do you have to do? Not much! Visit and log in using your Facebook account. Then find your K-12 school using your zip-code. Add a message and send. Voila! You've donated $25.

You can thank as many teachers as you want, but only your first "thanks" counts towards the donation. Be sure to let parents, students, and fellow teachers know about this!

Another great opportunity for schools using is to have your students answer of their "Spring Training" prompts.

Later you'll be asked to fill out a survey detailing how you felt the prompt worked with your class.

They'll also ask for a link to your Donor's Choose project. Donors Choose is a site that allows public K-12 teachers to create projects that other people can support by donating money towards them.

In this case, turnitin will donate $1 per student response! It does cap out at $2,000 but that's a great start to many projects.

Prompts are limited (some are already closed!) so be sure to sign up now and have your students turn them in before June 30th to take advantage.

Know of any other great opportunities? Let me know in the comments, and I'll share them too :)

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